Sunday, June 04, 2006

Scent of a Woman

A scent is a wonderful thing, it recalls memories of forgotten circumstances or specific events. There are so many fragrances throughout my life that i can remember by just a single scent wafting through the air or when a person passes carrying that definable moment in time. Times of love, betrayal, happiness, joy, excitement, growth and my stage in life. To me, a fragrance defines who i am and what i yet to be.
As i child i wore baby cologne of bubble gum and sweet scents of edible deliciousness, it defines an age of youth, simpleness, purity and laughter.I would always know if my mother was around because of her smell, and even then when she had left the house , her scent would always leave a trail in her room. It somehow gave me comfort.As a teenager i dabbled on perfumes given to me as gifts , they smelt nice , lovely, light and airy, fragrances smelling of the ocean , gardens and trees. I dabbled on what was in fashion then. Cool water, Ralph Lauren, Victoria's sceret colognes. At that time i felt a bit more mature, a bit more complex in personality as opposed to my simple colgnes in my childhood.
I have always borrowed perfume from my mum, i would always sneak in her room and squirt a bit of this and a bit of that on all parts of my clothing. She always liked floral scents and i liked them too. They reminded me of soft pillows, gardens filled with flowers and puppies. My mother always changed her perfumes yet theys seem to have tones in common. Traces of rose smelling with enough hints of gardenia. I recall spritzing on Pleasures, Glamorous and Arden, Fifth ave.
As i approached my late teens, well in my college years i wore Green Tea. It was synonymous with the things that i liked at the time... Food. Green Tea had traces of citrus lemon, rhubarb, peppermint, oakmoss, musk and amber. People would know i was approaching or if i had been in the room,i thougt then it was my signature scent. Yet as i approached the big 2 0 i sorta out grew it.As of this moment i am in limbo, i have been borrowing everybodies scent, like as if im borrowing their personality and their moments. Zsa wears men's perfumes, because she hates the sissy prissy scents of ladies. She had Issey for a long time yet everytime i smelt it gave me the chills...reminding me of a not so distant pass.
Yesterday i went into David Jones on Elizabeth St to choose my fragrance. The scent that would and could encapsulate me before my birthday. I tried just about everything..... i got sick after 4 hours in i went home with all my little trial cards...

the smell of coming home though is unforgettable.