Sunday, April 26, 2009

Romance was born...

Ed & Bek bolero, Witchery silk dress, Steve Madden shoes,Louis Vuitton damier azure pouch Vintage pearls and diamond earrings and ring.

For I have loved thee with a love, 

That knows no bounds nor time;

As if for all eternity,

Thy soul twas knit to mine.

Before the starlight flickered,
Across the azure sky;
My heart was searching for thine heart,
Thy soul searched there for mine.

Then there as if twas guided,
By a gentle loving hand;
Our souls were drawn together,
As by some greater plan.

Last night I was fortunate to be invited to a lovely wedding at the QVB to one of Ant's dear friends. a couple of weeks back i bought a delightfully sweet bolero with baby blue floral accents. I was in love...i purchased it from my fave vintage store "Eva's Vintage in Leichhardt ....the bolero is by Ed and beck an Australian designer. I really didn't have anything to wear with it but i was adamant to wear the piece to the wedding. Strong shoulders are so fab this season and it was my homage to the likes of Balmain to wear it. Luckily for me i came across a flowy silk witchery dress that swished and swayed  like a love song.....ahhhhh

The ceremony was lovely and the reception utterly  charming. High ceilings, candlelit.champagne pouring, sound of jazz, mellow conversations, delicious food...handsome men. Reminded me from a scene from Meet Joe Black....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lady Man

Leaps, bound, obstacles that i have leapt
Mountains i have crossed
lions, demons, I have fought
Only when i met you that i truly found....

The giggle of my heart echoes
resonating throughout my body
From my stomach that bellows
to my lungs that scream
They only have one message to convey
My whole existence

Deep in the darkness of despair
Running, running without light
Quiver of hope i would find
my one and only plight

Your smell, sweet embrace
your touch, your lingering kisses
Like love that can only be dreamt

Yet i am awake 


Poetry, imagery and dreams  used as inspiration in everyday life... I always believe that we should add a little bit fantasy and glamour in our days. This picture reminds me of Salvador Dali for some reason, it could be the ladder silently standing on it's own or the child holding a leopard print umbrella. It certainly evokes drama. I love the man's top hat...makes me want to find one.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Paradise

                                 Homemade sundress, thrifted panama hat, rayban sunnies

I enjoyed Easter with friends down south in a quaint little town called Narooma. We stayed at a lovely friend's home sweetly nestled in front of a lake with sweeping views of countryside, horses and tranquil landscapes.. The days were spent lazily eating cheese, drinking local produce and playing tennis and my poor attempts trying to play golf.  It's always great to get away from the mad rush of the city. We often at times take for granted what peace and quite can bring. Unfortunately i haven't been taking much photos of fashion however photography is also considered a passion of mine hence my attempts to capture the mood  of a lazy day loitering around the water and taking everything in.

Monday, April 06, 2009


To youth and natural cheerfulness like Emma’s, though under temporary gloom at night, the return of day will hardly fail to bring return of spirits. The youth and cheerfulness of morning are in happy analogy and of powerful operation; and if the distress be not poignant enough to keep the eyes unclosed, they will be sure to open to sensations of softened pain and brighter hope.

From EmmaJane Austen

I was lucky to be surprised to front row seats on Friday night when Ant took me to Luminous. I  love music, art and theatre. Luminous artfully combined Bill Henson's photographs, the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Katie Noonan's voice. It was definitely a sensory experience. The performance began with an eerie sombre mood , showing Henson's flemish photos, dreamlike visions of the human form left me with my imagination to create stories in my head. The people in the photographs reminded me of  Boticelli's the Birth of Venus....Luminous. How the light touched their skins . The concert hall glowed and  beautifully mingled with Richard Tognetti's music. A sensory experience. Beso!

White Out

       american apparel T, Chanel spectacles 

It's been two months since we moved into our new apartment. I feel it still needs a little bit more of something. I don't exactly know what it is but it needs something....colour maybe? When were were buying furniture and home furnishings i was definitely going for neutrals and calmness... whites , beige , mixed with rustic and contemporary. These are some of my inspiration pictures, pics that i will definitely borrow some ideas from. I love how everything looks so haphazard yet it still evokes peace. "Organized Chaos" is what my hairdresser told me once. I have a few basic pieces that I'm keen to hang. i'll show  next time

                                                                I love this wall feature.
                                                           Rustic Tones= Awesome
                                                                       Urban Chic