Friday, July 31, 2009

Lusting for LD Tuttle

For the past couple of months i have been lusting after LD Tuttle spectre open toe boots. Every day i log on to have a look at the pictures i have compiled ...sad..very sad. I made calls to Saks, searched online and to my luck it's sold out. boo!

From Lambsears "After graduating with a degree in European History from Princeton, LD Tuttle co-founder Tiffany Tuttle went on to study fashion at FIT, subsequently working at Givenchy in Paris and as an associate designer at Rebecca Taylor. Realizing that her true passion was accessory and footwear design, Tuttle moved to Milan to study patternmaking at Ars Sutoria. In 2005, with her husband Richard Lidinsky, she launched the LD Tuttle collection of footwear and handbags and has since achieved international acclaim. LD Tuttle is our most directional line here at Lambs Ear, and we are VERY proud of each special piece we carry. All shoes are made by hand in Italy, using naturally processed leather.***** Thanks Tiffany for once again creating another amazing Season!!!

The Keeper in Black

My precious! Spectre

Shifter boot worn down

Worn up

The Seer

The Spectre and The Creature

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Drive By

Last Saturday we were driving through the city and i managed to take these pics. It was such a nice crisp day. The picture of the little girl with the suitcase is quite cute. Her father had a professional video camera and made her walk across town hall steps several times, she had everybody's attention.

Friday, July 24, 2009


These past couple of days the weather has been sweet in Sydney. The suns out and the air has been warm. Not one bit does it feel like winter. So i manage to go without the usual stockings/tights combo and went bare. Apologies for the white (have not seen daylight) skin. Yesterday was Mother dears birthday, we celebrated by watching Harry Potter and some good old fashion YUM CHA! yum! I got a few things in my favourite store INCU and Nu+Nan. One of which is this awesome scarf! Soo so soft and swirls of digital print colours. Second a lonely hearts club tartan dress...Now I'm off to my accountant to get my tax done. Beso!

Mood: Friday's Child
Dress: Yeojin Bae for Target
Scarf: Nu+Nan
Shoes: Versace

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Geek Chic

I've been trying to find some kick ass frames for a while now, after having ruined my chanel spectacles (from being over zealous and thinking acetone would make the black frames super super clean) dumb! I'm going to make myself look far and wide to find geek chic specs. Here's a collage of my favourite images of some really cool looking people and their fabulous specs...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bondi in a Day

Do you remember a day that you've had and everything seemed to go right? I have. It may not be the most fabulous day purchasing a bag that you've been lusting for, or scoring jeans for half the price. It could just simply be that the suns out, drinking a soy cappuccino, good food , good company, a bit of sport, a bit of fashion and one a lager on one hand ( or a Lychee beer).

I spent the day with Ant watching the Red Bull Street style challenge in Bondi on Saturday. What i thought would be a boring day was nothing short of fun. Imagine emptying out Bondi Iceberg's pool and placing a stage for the footballers to showcase their talent, at the same time the open sea as the so beautiful. Ofcourse i had my camera out! I also saw some awesome street fashion (i was too too shy to ask for a shoot...oh well).

Mood: Easy like a Sat morn
Jeans: Ksubi
Top: Vintage
Bolero: Witchery
Scarf: Bought in Thailand
Shoes: Aldo
Specs: Bought on the day from Bondi Markets

Trolly dolly

The Guy was standing infront of the Ksubi Store, it made a cute pic

The baby kept looking at me while i snapped away, isn't he gorgeous?
Beautiful Bondi

Got to try the Bavarian Beir Cafe

I had the Bratwurst Sausage with crispy onion rings and mash with beer jus!

Bondi Beach!
108 Campbell Pde,
Bondi Beach

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Self Discovery

I surprised myself today and woke up relatively early on my day off. I wanted to practice my camera skills before i start my photography course in a couple of weeks, so i headed to the Rocks in Sydney. Ever since i gained an interest towards photography i find myself walking slower, taking in every single detail my eyes could absorbed . I try to imagine what it would be like to capture a beautiful image ....I'm constantly looking. I went on top of the Harbour Bridge and made a video in which i am yet to post. In the meantime here's a few photos i took of myself using my newly purchased vintage tripod (yes, even the tripod is vintage. Paid 10 bucks for it. steal!)

Mood: Wanderer
Dress: Cooper St Clothing
Scarf: Indian Scarf gift
Tights: Leona Edmiston Pins
Shoes: My old chloe loafers

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I do apologise for being slack with the postings this week, I've recently bought a DSLR and have been busy snapping away getting to know my new baby. It's rough body, firm hold, robust presence..smooth ergonomic buttons.(shudder)...I'm in love again. One things for sure, my blog will be getting awesome pictures:) Here are a few snaps i took with the D90...Enjoy:)

Desk Space


Bridge Climb

Sydney at night

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Wine Country

Over the weekend we visited the Hunter Valley and Morpeth, I can't begin to explain how beautiful the countryside is. The rich colour of the earth, the crisp wind blowing through my hair, taste of fresh food in my lips... definitely an experience not to miss.

Eat: We ate lunch at the SMH two chefs hat restaurant Firestick Cafe located in the Poole's Rock winery. I definitely suggest to try their Goat's curd ravioli with sage burnt butter sauce with pine nuts and Wagyu beef burger....simply delicious! We then had dinner at Arnott's Bakehouse in Morpeth chef Jose Miguel is doing exciting flavours from local produce in the region. We tried the squid ink risotto with tomato and pancetta salad and pumpkin gnocchi for entrees . Eye fillet beef with potato tart and lamb rump with sweet onions.

Drink: Poole's Rock Winery, Scarborough Winery, Mcleash Estate

Sleep: A charming bed and breakfast in Morpeth named Merridy's at Morpeth. Owner Merridy was very lovely, making a scrumptious breakfast and was very accommodating (including local town gossip hee hee). A must when visiting Morpeth.

Mood: Relaxed country
Shirt: Vintage Men's check shirt
Jeans: Vintage Levis DYI bleached
Shoes: Country Road ballet flats
Bag: Mimco Viking Pouch
Bracelets: Leather brown belt worn as wrislets
Sunnies: thrifted

Scarborough Winery

Wagyu Beef Burger at Firestick Cafe, Poole's Rock Winery

Delicious condiments

Scarborough Wine

Merridy's at Morpeth

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Inspiration: Quirky JoJo and the fun gang

These images inspire me....constantly floating in my frontal lobe...

The cutest pic i've seen...NYC spiderboy....Thanks T!
I'm constantly thinking about my trip to NYC in 2 months... museums, food, fun, shopping, the vibe....

Cool friend James
My Tito A's Dog Dozer...coolest dog

JoJo is her shyness

Garage Band Style