Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

Don't you just love Christmas? Eating and lots of eating, gifts, sweets, cakes, family, friends and merrymaking. I spent Christmas day with family and enjoying my mother's cooking...yum! Happy Holidays everyone:)

My Dad took this picture:)Dress by Betsey Johnson

Pretty glass balls

Lobster Mornay....creamy chessy goodness

Mum's Glazed Ham!

Mr Roxyheart serving the salad:) YUM! Prawns walnut and mangoes

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cloud 10! yes I've been absent for a month now...and yes i feel really bad...tee hee. So alot has been happening this month to say the least...Mr Roxyheart proposed to me earlier on this month and I'm wait I'm on cloud 10 not cloud 9 but a BIG FAT 10..ha ha ha. In other news my friend Lauren asked me to be head waitress for a day to her flourishing catering business for young Sydney brides on a budget who love food but sans the exorbitant catering fees the wedding industry piles on...It's such a dream to be photographing/waitressing/cooking at the same time....It was such a lovely wedding. Here are few of my favourite pics that i took....ahhhh again CLOUD 10!

Prepping the cake:)

The Bride Baked her own chic!

Ferry Floss cupcakes and lollies for the guest

Pretty yellow lanterns

White Lanterns

Mini Lamb kofta's with greek salad

Prosciutto wrapped Sprouts

Prawns with Lime..mmm

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Dinner is on me

I had friends over for dinner the other night and i made these simple but deliciously yummy treats...perfect for a hot summer's day:) Hungry yet?

Zucchini cakes with alfalfa, smoke salmon with mango and dill cream

Let's eat

Scallops ceviche ....yum!
Quail confit with rockmelon salsa, kipfler potatoes and sage.

Who loves dessert? Lemon Sorbet....

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blue Skies, Green Days

When I was a little girl growing up, I had this favourite book by Jillian Demuth named Blue Skies, Green Days. I loved it so much so that I carried it the the the loo..yes. It's a story about a little girl named Skye describing the week she and her brother Heath and their cousin Kim spent with their grandparents, a potter and a furniture maker at their home in the Australian Bush. There they learnt to have such a lovely time outdoors doing so much fun things!

Simple story, simple message...having fun...getting out there! I grew up running around playing with children from my street riding my bike, swinging, playing water bombs and hide and seek....why i haven't been blogging lately because matter of factly I've just been having lots of fun...Sydney weather has been so lovely..SUN SUN SUN!!! that it's such a waste to be indoors or loitering around playing dress ups really.

don't need much clothing in the beach...

cossies....just add water.

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Oh no she didn't...oh yes I did. I'm experimenting with prints and had this vision of using small graphic prints with the bold. Where do you go to find such things...Charity shops! but ofcourse. Vinnies and Salvation Army are probably my faves, I went on a whim to quench my print thirst and lo and behold I found this cute blouse and this pleated skirt with it's charming houndstooth print. I've worn it 5 times since i bought it earlier on this week....wait for it....Drum roll please...5 bucks!!! The blouse was a steal for 6. Not bad, not bad i thought to myself.

Today's adventures included having breakfast at the Deus Cafe , checked out some cool motorbikes and attended the Newtown Festival...not a bad way to spend a cloudy somewhat rainy weekend. How was yours?
It started raining....Oroton umbrella

Esprit leather jacket, Dooney and Burke bag, Topshop shoes, CK belt

Vintage motorbike at Deusexmachina

Boston Beans breakfast at the Deus Cafe in Camperdown

gooood times at the Newtown Festival

Monday, November 02, 2009

Label to Watch :Maisonette 1977

When i was in New York two months ago I met up with Jane Ibrahim over sweet tea in nyc garment district, a delightfully sweet and super talented fashion designer who finally broke ground on her own to launch her label Maisonette 1977. I can't believe I actually saw these gorgeous designs in her studio and to finally see them on models is sooo Awesome! Her collection Punk Goddess is a delicious mix of soft flowy grecian influences and hard punk infusion of leather waxed fabrics executed with interesting silhouettes. Below are my fave looks from debut collection. Goodluck Jane! x

Visiting her in nyc

At the age of 13, Jane fell in love with grunge fashion. She would save all her red pocket money to buy foreign fashion magazines that she tirelessly collected and studied. After years of studying abroad and receiving a BA from Johns Hopkins University, Jane went to Parsons School of Design for her AAS degree in Fashion Design. Jane has been living in New York since, working for Michael Kors, Yigal Azrouel, Oscar by Oscar de la Renta, Bill Blass New York, Theory, and Cynthia Steffe. Ten years in design has developed a maturity in this young designer who brings quality in material and construction as well as delightful surprises in design and execution.

The label “Maisonette 1977” means “little house 1977.” It comes from the traditional way of describing a design house. Maisonette 1977’s design philosophy is to maintain high quality craftsmanship and to incorporate innovative details in its design concept.

Jane Ibrahim

Waxed plain weave tuxedo jacket
Forest Green

Tech twill parachute jacket
Lace-up tunic jersey top

Goddess draped jersey dress
Black, Navy

Denim-leather motorcycle vest

love this skirt!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Squib, Squid and April...November?

It's quite rare when I can actually not care what I do over the weekends ...most of the time I run on this tight schedule of doing groceries, running errands, watching my boyfriend play cricket, doing my assignments and so forth. But this weekend i got to relax...sleep in and in between visit the Topshop installation at Incu Sydney.

I was surprised to see they had a substantial collection on offer. I snapped these April wedge booties which by the way were sold out online! So i was definitely shocked they had these in the Sydney store. They're a bit snug on me...i actually put them online to see if anybody wanted to swap or buy them off me...but i changed my mind.

How fast had the year gone? Last night it was Halloween now it's november....

aren't they at first sight

they're comfy and the leather is ssssoft!

Squib is a charming boy who was more than happy for me to take his photograph at Saturday cricket.

I made this today for lunch, it's so yummy...mmm Pasta Gamberi!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mono Coco

Breton stripes have been popular in the UK and America ever since the 1950s. With an unmistakable sprinkling of French chic, the pattern is consistently in style. Chanel cruise collection is all about stripes!

I've been meaning to show these really cute outfit combo. I've worn it a few times now and I'm still in love with it....The stripes, bows and black and white tones...very Coco Chanel. The dress on the inside is made of silk and reminds of a 20's flapper dress because of it's dropped waist. The belt i made from pearl beads and silver camellias, it's suppose to be a necklace but i think looks cool worn as a belt.

and ofcourse finished with a bright lip!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunny Shades

I look forward to Sundays... the streets are almost deserted and it's that one day that i can feel totally relax before I begin another week. This whole weekend was spent eating and more eating. That and my struggle to finish a few assignments argh!

I'm wearing a vintage dress that reminds me of an amish school uniform meet little house on the prairie..Amish people are cool... love easy to wear and the fabric is this light worn in cotton... cool and oh so so comfortable. I bought it from Beacon's closet in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago for 10 dollars. What's even more cute are these vintage tortoiseshell Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses that I'm obsessed about. For some reason I feel like some sorta feline cougar lioness animal. I'm so over oversized sunnies!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Northern Lights

Happy Sunday! How funny is Sydney weather, schizophrenic borderline manic to say the least. It's suppose to be spring going into summer...and here I am wearing my boyfriend's jacket to comfort me from the northern winds! There's a bite in the air, yet when the sun shines through pockets of cloud you get this beautiful warmth tingling in your skin. We headed over to North Sydney today to enjoy some awesome jazz performances in the park...and boy they didn't the clouds parted in the late afternoon i was able to lay down and enjoy true spring...ahhh

Mood: Schizo-manic
Dress: Kenneth Cole
Jacket: Boyfriends
Shoes: Bronx Shani

Best Japanese Ramen House in North Sydney

Baby Ramen yum!

Soft Shell crab...again yum!