Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's in the bag

I was reading this month's RUSSH magazine and loved the piece on "What's inside people's bags" so much so that it gave me an idea to do my own. I've always been curious of what people carry around, little trinkets they treasure, books being red, lipsticks being used...anything really. Since starting this blog, I've received a few emails about what products i use everyday. So i guess this is my way of answering them.

My bag changes all the time, I base it pretty much on the look I'm trying to achieve or pure laziness.( the latter holds true most days). I'm terrible at organization and I'm even worse at loosing things. When I'm in a mad rush and trying to look for something in my bag, i feel as if i dived into the abyss....i simply get lost in it...So here it is...

Bag: MIMCO Viking pouch
Book: I bought this book at St Vinnies from a recent trip to Melbourne, it's a Paris shopping guide book. I like to keep in my bag to read in the bus to work and daydream of Parisian style.
Daily Planner: Like i said, I'm terrible at organization.
Phone: I don't know anybody without a phone, I'm trying not to loose myself to the Iphone.
Glasses: I've had these chanel specs for the past 3 years now and i still love them, pity i spilt acetone on them by accident. I'm blind without them.
Wallet: This Anne Klein wallet was given to me by my mother, it's really not my thing but i love it because it looks weird...ha!
Leather Gloves: For those nippy days
Camera: I carry my camera around with me nearly all the time, you never know when there can be inspiration to snap at.....or a funny moment.
Bow Hair clip: When your hair needs a pick me up Mimco makes some really cute hair clips to jazz up any bad hair day.
Sunnies: Chanel, is it obvious i'm in love?
Products: Utraceuticals face spritzer to keep your face dewy and moist, Dermalogica moisturiser, Benefit mascara, Revlon pink nail polish, Lancome Juicy tubes, Ultraceuticals press powder in sand, Origins blush ( natural glow).
Moleskin Journal: Every girl needs a black book for all her little secrets:)
Magazines: I always have a magazine in my bag to read, loving this month's Vogue.
Perfume: Prada, mum gave me a Prada set for my birthday...every year she gives me a new scent to try otherwise i use my custom made scent( made by my best girl Leah) encased in a sleek gold tube...chic!
Coin Purse: I carry my coins, receipts and cars in this cute le sportsac purse.
Fruit: I always carry fruit or nuts, for those times I feel low on fuel. Lately i've been eating alot of ruby grapefruit and i mean alot (ok everyday) it's so deliciously juicy!

Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm currently on autopilot. Yes Autopilot. Since i got back from Canberra, I've been feeling under the weather (No, i don't have swine flu). I've been back at work learning how to deliver babies, reading magazines and making jewellery. Not at the same time though, that would be awesome but i'm not superwoman. What's awesome though is 'True Blood' I'm officially hooked on 'True Blood". Ant gave me the first two seasons and i've been hooked to my laptop since (under the covers though, I'm terrified of monsters, vampires and gore).

P.S I cut my hair and I'm loving how light it feels on my head. BIG SHOUT-OUT to SnapShot Fashion for featuring me in their looks YAY!!

Mood: Not so Reindeer but happy
Top : Zimmerman floral
Cardigan: Country Road cashmere and merino wool
Jeans: Bettina Liano
Bag: (New!) Mimco Viking Pouch! i love it
Shoes: Country Road
Necklace: DIY

This is what i wore to the Reindeer Monologue, i was even Christmas inspired in red.

This is the chanel inspired necklace i made. i love it so much!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Goats, carrots and Roos

Nothing like nature, animals and crisp winter air to lift our spirits.

I know this post may have nothing to do with fashion but i thought i 'd give everybody a break, plus this is my blog and i can pretty much post whatever i like ...so ha! Nah...just joking. I thought it would be nice to show aussie countryside since a majority of the people reading my blog are from overseas.

The weekend was spent on a rocky road trip to Canberra for beautiful Emma's engagement party! On our way back Ant decided to pay visit to his Aunts farm filled with organic vegetables, twin baby goats, roosters, hens and ducks! How exciting! I felt like a kid in a playground. They even had natural compost, an environmentally friendly water tank, rain water irrigation, berries, kangaroos and i met a very charming cat by the name of Felix.

Mood: Confort Factor
Tights: Woolford
Singlet: Country Road
Cashmere pullover: Country Road
Wooly Knit: Hand made Angora

Breathtaking views

Me and my carrots!

Fresh Duck eggs

With Annabel the Goat

She keeps chewing on my scarf!

Kangaroos hanging out

Chickens laying eggs

Friday, June 19, 2009


Bonjour! I celebrated my birthday a couple of weeks ago and i did mention that i would blog about it...so here it is. The theme was French expectations, lately i have been mad about french culture. You can blame that on bloggers such as Leblogdebetty, Cherryblossomgirl and GaranceDore (did i mention i have some french ancestry?) Anyway i decided to have my birthday dinner at Tastevin, lovely Brigadeiro mentioned it in her blog and gave a fantastic review that i couldn't help but book a table. From the moment i emailed them until we paid the bill, service was lovely. Natasha the maitre' d made us cocktails throughout the night and accommodated the most rowdiest bunch in a very romantic bistro. We didn't take much pictures of the food, however i can honestly say it was good value for money and simply was delicious. We had a special menu for my birthday, duck confit and roast pork, house made bread, oysters and yummy chocolate crepes for dessert. Beso!

Level 1, 292-294
Victoria St, Darlinhurst
#02 93563429

Roast Pork with pears & Duck Confit


My girls!

In our French Outfits

Wearing my vintage Jessica Mclintock dress!! Simply a sweet dress, french lace and tafetta skirt!!! i promise to take a better picture to show.

Mood: French School Girl
Dress: Jessica Mclintock
Beret: Milana from David Jones
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Chanel

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hunters and collectors

Disclaimer: Nerd Alert!!!
I love shiny things, i may even get momentarily distracted by a shiny object...but hey i'm more than happy to be stunned by a two carat diamond ring...i wish. Growing up i recall collecting heaps of things from buttons, stickers,bottle caps, hello kitty stationary, but one thing that always manages to get nerd tags(yes people can be mean) is my love for stamps..yes stamps. I'm sure everybody has had some sort of stamp collection right? No? Ok well i guess i was the coolest kid in town then. As a child i used to write letters to post offices asking for free stamps and ask them questions on how to preserve them, i read books, joined a stamp club and even made penpals who share my passion for stamps. I used to have dreams of finding a Penny Black or some sort of rare Queen Elizabeth stamp and make lots and lots of moula. It may sound comical now but i enjoyed those times wasted on placing stamps in water and carefully drying them using my special tweezers....until i grew up and started to develop an interest in fashion, boys and shopping that my stamp collection made it's way underneath my bed and lost my penpals along the way. ( I'm sure they too grew up and chased boys and girls).

Now as an adult ( I think I am) i developed an expensive collection of shiny pretty things. I blame it on my love for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, but i love bows, diamonds, pearls and dangly pieces. I collect headbands! i love headbands , they make my hair pretty and can dress up the dullest outfits. I once had bangs but deliberately outgrew them so that a pretty headband can sit snuggly on my head. Although my love for shiny things isn't as easy as writing to a store and asking for free things just as i did when i was a young stamp collector. Nowadays I make my way to Tiffan'ys, draw jewellery, visit antique jewellery auctions, op shops, deceased estates finding my shiny pretty things just as a bower bird would collect shiny blue objects. Nonetheless it's the fact that although these are material possessions, i'm a firm believer you can give them to somebody special as well.

Shiny pretty things...i love

This breakfast at Tiffany's book was a birthday gift by gorgeous Emma....i love that Movie!

My everyday items, i wear on a daily basis. I'm In love with the Mimco headband my bestfriend Diane gave me for my birthday. She said it reminds her of a tiara.:)

I love Evita Peroni headbands. They're made of swarovski crystals. This too was a gift.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I don't know about you but these days all i want to do is enjoy my new goose down quilt ( the best doona in the whole wide world) staying in bed, reading books and eating mars pods...

I can't wait for Coco avant Chanel to arrive in the cinemas...

I can't wait to NYC to pay a visit to Bess NYC...studded heaven

I'm also salivating over these boots...

Friday, June 12, 2009

September in June

Cold , frustrating and people feel so entitled just to watch a movie....and no I'm not talking about Anna Wintour.....

Ant and I went to see the 'September Issue' last night, the documentary about Vogue Editor Anna Wintour and the makings of the 2007  september issue of american vogue. The movie was to start at 915 pm but lo and behold when it comes to fashion...some one has to make an entrance and the movie fashionably late. We came reasonably early, having scoured through David Jones and Myer looking for our "Dream Doona" ( We did find it mind you). We were in the middle of our dinner in Wagamama when i pointed out to my boyfriend that i bet that the majority of these girls in the restaurant was going to watch the same movie as we were. Obviously he's response was " What!..nah, it's just Fashion Babe. What's the big deal?". But i knew better to bet against girls who were looking more stylish than your average Jane walking down George St. If i were to pick a night where i spotted 15 Chanel 2.55, YSL cage boots, Balenciaga, 5 Alexander Wang bags, fur coats, alot of leggings, Men in the tightest jeans and the greasiest hair slicks i have ever witnessed it would either be fashion week or this...so i gave myself a small smile and nodded.

By the time we approached the State Theatre at 8:30 there was a small line up of 6 middle age men and their wives. Having bought dress circle tickets we didn't think it was a big deal to line up for a movie and succumbed to our whims of eating mars pods (yummmy) and so headed towards the nearest 7eleven. By the time we  came back the line up was still the same but as soon as Ant joined the cue, by some magical intervention a wave of people joined the cue creating chaos and havoc.......then came the Special line with B grade celebrities to boot. Mind you i was pretty excited to see Dion Lee lining up like a normal person, Ruby Rose in cool boots with gold studs and Karin Upton Baker in a fabulous fur coat, Romance was Born designers, magazine editors and whole heap of "I'm famous don't you know me" people being turned down. Ant and I thought this was the real show and was happily entertained by the antics of 'B' grade Aussie celebrities.

Kate Waterhouse on the red carpet

Miranda Otto, Ruby Rose and some dude that looked ridiculously uncomfortable


The September issue is known to be the biggest most important issue of the year for Vogue magazine. It's compared to a telephone book filled with editorials, fashion, advertising and don't forget the drama! The documentary is a showcase of the process in making this famous issue and the behind the scenes action of making the "the Bible" of the fashion world. With this journey we get to know characters such as Anna Wintour (Editor in Chief), Grace Coddington (Creative Director), Andre Leon Talley (Editor at Large) and whole heap of notable designers, photographers, Anna's daughter Bea and models in action.

I personally love this documentary by R.J Cutler, it was well thought out, fluid and raw! Grace Coddington was delightful to watch and I felt drawn to her as a person. From her beginnings as a model to her rise as a Creative Director in Vogue. Her wild fiery hair, no make up, funny, passionate persona is a sharp contrast to Wintours steely, cold, authoritative, and power woman blunt fringed figure.

It's definitely an eye opener to how much control Wintour has over the fashion world, over designers, retailers and the power to anoint new talent into the world of Fashion. I loved how Thakoon, a young up and coming designer with so much talent and humility was endorsed by Wintour. 

I always had this perceived idea how she was loosely portrayed in the devil wears Prada, but as you watch this doco Ant and I agreed she was like any boss who only expects perfection. She is definitely a woman who knows what she wants, in an industry wherein if you don't have the balls you wont survive. No one would question the likes of Donald Trump, Murdoch or even S.I Newhouse, why Anna? Because women are suppose to be nice??? If she gets things done and does it well...Who cares!

I adore Grace Coddington! She is vivacious, humorous, full with passion and super talented! She's a genius.

This doco is awesome! go watch it :)

My fifty cents worth..Beso!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Roxyheart goes to Market!

My friends and I are selling our used/vintage items at the Kirribilli Vintage Quarter Markets this Sunday!!! Were Selling second hand items from Vintage Moschino, Tsubi, Calvin Klein, Karen Walker, Yeojin Bae, Cooper St , Jessica Mclintock and Haute Couture  pieces. At incredibly low prices, grab a bargain and have a day out in the sun!!!

JUNE 14, 2009
9am to 3pm

To Dye For

L to Right: Thakoon Resort 2010, Alexander Wang Resort 2010, Helmut Lang

I can't believe cruise collection is out already! We haven't even finished with winter...Oh well more clothes to look at , more to admire, more to stimulate the world economy...excuse me!
Tie Dye in muted blues, whites and blacks are cool, wild and fun at the same time. I still love block colours but these creations by my favourite designers are something i would wear. It looks comfortable and chic at the same time...Take for example that AW bag, it's so scrumptiously cute that i stay awake at night thinking about...( Patience my child). Anyway have a lovely day! Beso x

Special MENTION: Helmut Lang resort, Jason Wu, Brian Reyes. (love)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Happy Sunday

My cute vintage lace top!

Sunday's are great for walking around and looking out for great bargains. I went to Rozelle markets today for the very first time , quite odd really considering i only live a couple of blocks away. Sun's out and for the first time in two months i decided to wear denim cut offs but soon realised it wasn't such a wise decision when a gust of wind swooped between my legs giving me goosebumps!(oopsies)

 It was awesome to see such cool things at the markets, the boy scored a coffee table book on NYC bridges and I mysteriously disappeared and found myself in a stall called " Sparrow goes to Market". The stall keeper happily  told me that everything was 10 bucks today including some really nice vintage lace tops! (my fave). So 25 dollars later ( i got a belt for 5) i was carrying this cute white paper bag filled with my goodies. Ant and I ate some yummy gozleme while we sat under a tree pondering on the efficacy of owning a gozleme business in Rozelle Markets (we were amazed at how such a simple product can generate 20 people line up.) The markets are filled with second hand bric a brac, vintage fashion and if your lucky some great second hand designer shoes, handbags and accessories. I was eyeing a dainty pair of leather gloves but had the feeling .. ( i wasn't really in love with it) so i let it go...that's the thing with markets. The stall keeper whispered as i walked away....."They always come back, when they get home they'll think about ...you'll see" . mmmm.....

Sparrow goes to Market jewelry

Lovely coat

Treasures galore!
Rozelle Markets

Approximately 100 stalls each day, outdoors in the front grounds of historic Rozelle School. Near Victoria Road. Parking behind the Commonwealth Bank or on bus routes 440, 433, 445 and all the 500s. Five minutes from the city over the Anzac Bridge.

Rozelle Public School, Darling St
Rozelle, NSW 2039 
Sat-Sun 9:00am- 4:00pm 

Saturday, June 06, 2009

The morning after

What do you feel the morning after a date, a dalliance, a romantic rendezvous? It could end badly or it could end beautifully. A sweet embrace, an offer for a next date, a kiss, his number, her number. The after effects is quite bliss, a youthful glow, a promising morning, a spring in your step. It could all be cliche...or not. It depends if you believe in that sort of thing really.... So how was your friday night? Mine was great thank you. The sun is out,a little chill but sunny nonetheless...the birds are calling me. By the way green isn't a colour that i'd choose normally. But i found this scarf at my favourite vintage store and surely $2 can be spared. 

Mood: Casual chic, good for a morning dalliance ( i love that word)
Dress: Staple
Scarf: Vintage
Stockings: Leona Edmiston Pins

Thursday, June 04, 2009


Do you sometimes feel like someone's watching your every move, paranoia? Maybe. It was errand day today, window shopping, checking out op shops, staying indoors soo cold now. Bought a few things today, mid year season sales are on at the moment. trying really hard to resist but clothes speak to me ...oh dear... I can't wait for the weekend, still in search for a doona, boy has been sick, so i play nurse, but in the meantime i ran outside to quickly take these photos. 

Mood: Messy just woke up, no make up look
Jeans: Boyfriend's Levis i stole
Jacket: Esprit leather
Singlet: American apparel
Shoes: ballet flats country road

It's raining and I'm still waiting, waiting for an answer
waiting for a sign.
It's raining and I'm standing in front of your door, waiting for an answer
waiting for a sign.
It's raining and I'm patiently wandering, wandering when you'll open the door.
Just give me a sign.


Bon anniversaire!

Celebrated my birthday last night. Had din dins at Sean's Kitchen in Darling Harbour. Swell place, service was  a bit snooty. Duck Fat fries was too die..coronary right there! Small gathering at work, small gathering at home....french night on Friday...excited about a few things coming up! One involving a lovely man taking me to the BIG APPLE in a couple of months which only mean one thing = SHOPPING, parentals funding a BAG purchase yipeee. Two, i have a dress that i need to mention on saturday and three...Sydney Film festival started...so excite! about watching THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE!!!. Anyone going? that's it for now....over....Beso!

Chicken Kiev

Ocean Trout

Wagyu beef