Saturday, January 28, 2012

Travel People

I’ve been obsessed about travel and lifestyle blogs lately. The mere thought of an exotic locale surrounded by foreign sights and sounds appeal to me. Plus it's an excuse to get away from what is familiar and safe. Travel heightens our senses, pushing our comfort boundaries it reminds us that there’s a world out there full of possibilities. Bonus incentive to take gorgeous photos and eat delicious food….ahhh the life.

Personally there is four different kinds of travellers I have observed, none of which are better or worse than the other but simply distinguishing that each one of us are different in what we want out of a place and what we want to do with our time. Let me expand on my thoughts….

First. There’s the sightseer/tourist. A person that I believe is more about the sights. The fast paced, everyday we gotta do something or else they feel like they’ve wasted their time. With map in hand and a personalized itinerary organized, these people are all about ticking boxes and making sure they have the mandatory Eiffel tower shot or that Statue of Liberty pose down pat.

Second. Forget the monuments, sights and tourist attractions. All they want to do is lie down on a comfy day bed and find the best spa and be smothered with attention. Is that wrong? It sounds lovely though. This kind of traveller doesn’t really backpack or camp. Their idea of camping is a safari lodge in Kenya equipped with a five star chef and banyan tree spa included. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Third. It’s not about hotels and luxury but we need to be doing something physical AKA my husband!/ Adventure traveller. These people don’t want to sightsee, infact they feel likes it’s a waste of time. They want to climb mountains, kayak, parasail, mountain bike, ride a camel, bungee jump, skydive, sail etc you get my picture?“ How many temples and monkeys do we really need to see, they look all the same to me”. Enough said.

Fourth. I believe this is definitely the category I may belong to. I’m not a fan of hostels ( life is too short to be sharing toilets with teens who wear skirts as dresses). The combo of all three travellers. I myself love a bit of touristy stuff but I personally seek out comfortable accommodation with a nice spa topped off with good food. However I don’t mind roughing it up climbing mountains and camping under the stars ( luxe camping anyone?) If that makes me sound like a bimbo ….I think not. All fourth category traveller scours blogs, post and ofcourse tripadvisor and resort to lonely planet ( the bible!) to get the best deal for your buck….so we can afford that body scrub with gold leaf ha!