Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

Don't you just love Christmas? Eating and lots of eating, gifts, sweets, cakes, family, friends and merrymaking. I spent Christmas day with family and enjoying my mother's cooking...yum! Happy Holidays everyone:)

My Dad took this picture:)Dress by Betsey Johnson

Pretty glass balls

Lobster Mornay....creamy chessy goodness

Mum's Glazed Ham!

Mr Roxyheart serving the salad:) YUM! Prawns walnut and mangoes

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cloud 10! yes I've been absent for a month now...and yes i feel really bad...tee hee. So alot has been happening this month to say the least...Mr Roxyheart proposed to me earlier on this month and I'm wait I'm on cloud 10 not cloud 9 but a BIG FAT 10..ha ha ha. In other news my friend Lauren asked me to be head waitress for a day to her flourishing catering business for young Sydney brides on a budget who love food but sans the exorbitant catering fees the wedding industry piles on...It's such a dream to be photographing/waitressing/cooking at the same time....It was such a lovely wedding. Here are few of my favourite pics that i took....ahhhh again CLOUD 10!

Prepping the cake:)

The Bride Baked her own chic!

Ferry Floss cupcakes and lollies for the guest

Pretty yellow lanterns

White Lanterns

Mini Lamb kofta's with greek salad

Prosciutto wrapped Sprouts

Prawns with Lime..mmm

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Dinner is on me

I had friends over for dinner the other night and i made these simple but deliciously yummy treats...perfect for a hot summer's day:) Hungry yet?

Zucchini cakes with alfalfa, smoke salmon with mango and dill cream

Let's eat

Scallops ceviche ....yum!
Quail confit with rockmelon salsa, kipfler potatoes and sage.

Who loves dessert? Lemon Sorbet....