Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labour Day

What I'm finding really cool in New York is that there's always something cool or interesting to look at. Just in my block alone, I could probably spend the entire day sitting in the front steps people watching and listening to conversations about their daily lives....like a social zoo per se. We spent the whole day walking...and walking. I was pretty pleased with myself with how much walking I've done here...and i mean lots! We walked from East Village to Soho, from Soho to the Brooklyn Bridge and finally Brooklyn bridge to Battery Park to visit Lady Liberty. We were pretty please with ourselves today that we reached the crown of the Statue of Liberty, having booked months ago, we were able to skip the lines and go straight to the top! That was probably the highlight of my day...til tomorrow Beso!

Brooklyn Bridge

Wearing vintage tuxedo shirt, country road shorts, Peter Alexander vest, Nu&Nan Scarf, Longchamp bag, Ralph Lauren sandals

I loved this girls outfit, she was waiting for a cab in the financial district

Taking a bit of the big apple

Symmetry at the Brooklyn Bridge

Battery Park Kids

View from Lady Liberty's Crown!


Gloria fait son show said...

i love too her outfit;)

FriendInFashion said...

Love your outfit, very summery - shoes + scarfe winners!

Jowy said...


One Love,

Roxanne said...

Oh my! Thanks for all the lovely comments girls. :)


londonchic said...

I love how you used Green! it should be used more...i love your basic look and how you made it POP! well put togethr:)

Anonymous said...

omg love it! Enjoy your stay in your blog.love all your life pictures!

Mich said...

Didn't know you moved to New York already! But thanks for giving me a new blog to read and see beauty in :) Love this, Anne!

Mich said...

Oh, my bad! Because of the new layout, I thought this was an entirely new blog :)) Glad to see it's the same one you had before, just super-updated! :D Looking forward to more entries! :D