Friday, January 21, 2011

Paper Love and balloons

Inspired by a poem by E.E Cummings....I carry your heart

Happy New Year to everybody, so glad to be blogging again. I'm just so busy organizing all things related to "bridal" that I haven't had any time to blog whatsoever. I thought I'd share my love for letterpress....yes you heard me right letterpress.

For those of you who don't know much about letterpress, I stumbled across it during my wedding invitation research. Letterpress printing is truly the most beautiful craftsmanship - It is a centuries old art form, which is timeless, classic and results in a beautiful tactile impression into the paper.

Letterpress is the oldest and one of the most exquisite forms of printing available. Letterpress hasn't changed much since 1440 when Gutenberg developed movable type and the first ever printing press was invented. For the last 520 odd years, letterpress was the most common form of printing, it was a craft of masters, it was something terribly precious. However during the last century the development of faster, motorised offset printing presses meant that centuries of knowledge and craftsmanship were lost in an instant. However revival of such art is getting more popular today. Although expensive,it makes a beautiful lasting impression...pardon the pun

I love the history and ofcourse how beautiful it is.. enjoy

These were my Save the dates...don't you just love the bridesmaid cards from Mr Boddington

My world custom made world map liners

sneak peek of my wedding invitations....custom made by craftmaster

Finally Bella fave letterpress company


lillyJ said...

love your letterpress rox...xox

joyce said...

your engagement photos look amazing, roxanne! have a great time planning for the wedding and getting married too!! hope you're well!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are back blogging - I missed your posts!
Mrs Madsen ;-) xx