Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lady Man

Leaps, bound, obstacles that i have leapt
Mountains i have crossed
lions, demons, I have fought
Only when i met you that i truly found....

The giggle of my heart echoes
resonating throughout my body
From my stomach that bellows
to my lungs that scream
They only have one message to convey
My whole existence

Deep in the darkness of despair
Running, running without light
Quiver of hope i would find
my one and only plight

Your smell, sweet embrace
your touch, your lingering kisses
Like love that can only be dreamt

Yet i am awake 


Poetry, imagery and dreams  used as inspiration in everyday life... I always believe that we should add a little bit fantasy and glamour in our days. This picture reminds me of Salvador Dali for some reason, it could be the ladder silently standing on it's own or the child holding a leopard print umbrella. It certainly evokes drama. I love the man's top hat...makes me want to find one.

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Chloe said...

lovely poetry Roxy...did you write it? cool!