Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunny 16

For anybody who knows a thing or two about photography would understand the principle of Sunny 16. For the rest of us, it basically creates happy pictures. Sydney has been blessed with beautiful weather .... sunny days, clear skies, crisp air. Perfect for saturday shoot with my photography class and an excuse to wear my happy pink new Marni ballerina!

These girls were having such a good time in Hyde Park playing frisbee. Not very Winter?huh

He's in my class and wearing a cool grey blazer

How sweet are these lipstick pink patent Marni ballerina flats.....Delicious!

Unfortunately i was trying to break them in and managed to gain a few blisters...good thing i had my old loafers to save the day....not too pretty but oh so comfy.
Wearing Dotti pleated crotch trousers, CR top, LV damier azure pouchette, nu+ Nan scarf, third millennium jacket


Anonymous said...

cute Marni shoes!

Londonchic said...

Your pictures are becoming sooso good.

SHERLEY. said...

love your outfit! keep on updating :) nice blog you've got there

Roxanne said...

Thanks girls....:)

Melissa said...

Great blog so far!

Just a question: where is this photography class you are taking? Did you like it and would recommend it?

Roxanne said...

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for your kind words. My photography class is with the Sydney Community college. I love it so far. Highly recommend it if your looking to take your skills to the next level.