Sunday, November 08, 2009


Oh no she didn't...oh yes I did. I'm experimenting with prints and had this vision of using small graphic prints with the bold. Where do you go to find such things...Charity shops! but ofcourse. Vinnies and Salvation Army are probably my faves, I went on a whim to quench my print thirst and lo and behold I found this cute blouse and this pleated skirt with it's charming houndstooth print. I've worn it 5 times since i bought it earlier on this week....wait for it....Drum roll please...5 bucks!!! The blouse was a steal for 6. Not bad, not bad i thought to myself.

Today's adventures included having breakfast at the Deus Cafe , checked out some cool motorbikes and attended the Newtown Festival...not a bad way to spend a cloudy somewhat rainy weekend. How was yours?
It started raining....Oroton umbrella

Esprit leather jacket, Dooney and Burke bag, Topshop shoes, CK belt

Vintage motorbike at Deusexmachina

Boston Beans breakfast at the Deus Cafe in Camperdown

gooood times at the Newtown Festival


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Love how you've mixed the prints! This post has inspired me to go have a bit of an op-shop adventure :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Roxanne , I love your outfits it's a mix of new and old and is attainable love it so much