Saturday, December 05, 2009

Dinner is on me

I had friends over for dinner the other night and i made these simple but deliciously yummy treats...perfect for a hot summer's day:) Hungry yet?

Zucchini cakes with alfalfa, smoke salmon with mango and dill cream

Let's eat

Scallops ceviche ....yum!
Quail confit with rockmelon salsa, kipfler potatoes and sage.

Who loves dessert? Lemon Sorbet....


Catherine Balmain said...

You are amazing girl!!! I love everything very classic.... What can't you do?

Voce said...

Those food looks divine! and your photo shooting skill made them nicer ever!

Colour me yellow said...

Wow, your food looks amazing. Talent!

Ivan McK said... as art. Gotta love it because 1) I'm greedy and 2) it just looks so darn good!


szela said...

looking at your food photos at 2 in the morning is not a good idea - my stomach's actually growling. boy do they look soooo good! your friends are lucky to have you cooking all that for them ;)