Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

Don't you just love Christmas? Eating and lots of eating, gifts, sweets, cakes, family, friends and merrymaking. I spent Christmas day with family and enjoying my mother's cooking...yum! Happy Holidays everyone:)

My Dad took this picture:)Dress by Betsey Johnson

Pretty glass balls

Lobster Mornay....creamy chessy goodness

Mum's Glazed Ham!

Mr Roxyheart serving the salad:) YUM! Prawns walnut and mangoes


Lilly J said...

WOWOW Food looks gorgeous!! nice portrait:)Merry Christmas!

Miss Jade said...

wow those prawns are mouth watering

Neekoh said...

So pretty! And sooooo delicious. Now I want shrimp at 10am!