Friday, February 05, 2010


This is so gorgeous!

The salad that i made a couple of nights ago

Pastry shop in Soho

I love this NYC gals boots

My dream come the Plaza hotel:)

I've noticed that despite my absence in the blogosphere many lovely people still email me and drop by and check out my humble blog. I do apologize for my invincibility. I've been so busy finishing my postgrad studies that i just can't conjure enough strength and creative juice to pick up my camera and take pictures of myself or anybody else for that matter....i found some old pictures I took last year when i was NYC that constantly make me happy and hoped it would make a lovely peace offering...are we still friends? helloooo anybody there? Ok not you mother...or my Fiance but like minded people in the blogging world?....1 week more to go and i should be free. Peace!


Anonymous said...

OK, so I am not your mother or fiance but you didn't say anything about sister-in-laws!! ;)

Loving the images and thinking of you.

Em xx

Ivan McK said...

We still love you Roxyheart....hey, life happens!


Colour Me Yellow said...

I miss your blogs.

Lilly J said...

I love love love you Roxyheart! please come back soon. I look forward to your post. Your a ray of sunshine...and clouds will part.

Roxanne said...

Oh lovely lovely messages to lift my day!! Thank you Ivan, Colour me Yellow, Lilly J and evreybody else