Sunday, October 11, 2009

Northern Lights

Happy Sunday! How funny is Sydney weather, schizophrenic borderline manic to say the least. It's suppose to be spring going into summer...and here I am wearing my boyfriend's jacket to comfort me from the northern winds! There's a bite in the air, yet when the sun shines through pockets of cloud you get this beautiful warmth tingling in your skin. We headed over to North Sydney today to enjoy some awesome jazz performances in the park...and boy they didn't the clouds parted in the late afternoon i was able to lay down and enjoy true spring...ahhh

Mood: Schizo-manic
Dress: Kenneth Cole
Jacket: Boyfriends
Shoes: Bronx Shani

Best Japanese Ramen House in North Sydney

Baby Ramen yum!

Soft Shell crab...again yum!


Anonymous said...

i love all the warm textures!

Londonchic said...

i love love your shoes...and what a steal at that!

Natalie said...

all that food looks sooo good. i love food that allows u to use chopsticks!!! and ur booties are soo cute! :)


szela said...

love the outfit! and the shoes... i've been eyeing the exact same pair from Wittner (in black) but have been quite reluctant to fork out 200bucks for it. i'm even more reluctant now knowing you only paid 39 for yours! lucky lucky you ;)

Roxanne said...

oo thanks so much Natalie! chopsticks requires a certain skill that i haven't mastered however it makes the meal so much more intresting.

Szela, i haven't seen the wittner ones but try some UK websites and pay the shipping. It's still much cheaper:)

Zanita said...

Oh those shoes are perfection, lucky you!
I want soft shell crab so badly, im going to get some right now... And that ramen place is called what? Its tough to find good ramen. So hungry!!!
Thanks for your comments on my blog :)

Ivan McK said...

Girl, you so fine....and those shoes are to-die-for!!! Good call on the jacket. It's seems to be cold right now all over the globe...


Roxanne said...

Great to see your back Ivan!