Thursday, October 08, 2009

Rumble in the Bronx

So i was totally smitten by these shoes when Alix wore them on her blog. I knew Bronx shoes wouldn't be stocked in Sydney so I scoured the net to look for them in my size. Lucky for me, i found them online for $39 so i just had to buy them:) I've been walking in them all this week...they're so comfortable...They're making up for the Acne Niara and Atacoma i never got my mittens on..Beso!


Lilee said...

they are AMAZINGGGGG! ahh i want them!!!

Lilee said...

also, where did you get that hot chanel necklace from the sidebar from?

Roxanne said...

Ha ha ha thanks Lilee. I adore these shoes! i got them off an from Bronx UK website and the necklace...try Ebay for lots of second hand treasures!

Ivan McK said... this is the premiere!!! [of the shoes]


Kassy said...

where did you get these? they look so good