Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunny Shades

I look forward to Sundays... the streets are almost deserted and it's that one day that i can feel totally relax before I begin another week. This whole weekend was spent eating and more eating. That and my struggle to finish a few assignments argh!

I'm wearing a vintage dress that reminds me of an amish school uniform meet little house on the prairie..Amish people are cool... love easy to wear and the fabric is this light worn in cotton... cool and oh so so comfortable. I bought it from Beacon's closet in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago for 10 dollars. What's even more cute are these vintage tortoiseshell Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses that I'm obsessed about. For some reason I feel like some sorta feline cougar lioness animal. I'm so over oversized sunnies!


Lilly J said...

Gorgeous gorgeous. I love those sunnies! WHere did you get them? and also where did you get your bag from?


Anonymous said...

CUUTTTTTEEE dress! Loves it!

londonchic said...

very nice! love your shoes!