Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Geek Chic

I've been trying to find some kick ass frames for a while now, after having ruined my chanel spectacles (from being over zealous and thinking acetone would make the black frames super super clean) dumb! I'm going to make myself look far and wide to find geek chic specs. Here's a collage of my favourite images of some really cool looking people and their fabulous specs...


Anonymous said...

I just picked out some new specs, they are Vogue.
I'll show you when I see ya next (clearly through my new specs) get it? Hehehe, such a dad joke.

Em xx

Viewtiful said...

Top right my specs , although I need them to see ! Neway keep up the good work!


Roxanne said...

Great! i love those specs!

Em: Cool hoep to see your new specs:)

L.L said...