Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Self Discovery

I surprised myself today and woke up relatively early on my day off. I wanted to practice my camera skills before i start my photography course in a couple of weeks, so i headed to the Rocks in Sydney. Ever since i gained an interest towards photography i find myself walking slower, taking in every single detail my eyes could absorbed . I try to imagine what it would be like to capture a beautiful image ....I'm constantly looking. I went on top of the Harbour Bridge and made a video in which i am yet to post. In the meantime here's a few photos i took of myself using my newly purchased vintage tripod (yes, even the tripod is vintage. Paid 10 bucks for it. steal!)

Mood: Wanderer
Dress: Cooper St Clothing
Scarf: Indian Scarf gift
Tights: Leona Edmiston Pins
Shoes: My old chloe loafers


Anonymous said...

Delicious images Sis!!
Em xx

Roxanne said...
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Roxanne said...

Thanks hun,

speak soon


Anonymous said...