Friday, July 24, 2009


These past couple of days the weather has been sweet in Sydney. The suns out and the air has been warm. Not one bit does it feel like winter. So i manage to go without the usual stockings/tights combo and went bare. Apologies for the white (have not seen daylight) skin. Yesterday was Mother dears birthday, we celebrated by watching Harry Potter and some good old fashion YUM CHA! yum! I got a few things in my favourite store INCU and Nu+Nan. One of which is this awesome scarf! Soo so soft and swirls of digital print colours. Second a lonely hearts club tartan dress...Now I'm off to my accountant to get my tax done. Beso!

Mood: Friday's Child
Dress: Yeojin Bae for Target
Scarf: Nu+Nan
Shoes: Versace


Anonymous said...

Oh my that scarf is devine! Reminds me of Thakoon swirls. very very nice.i love your scarves


Londonchic said...

Nice outfit!

Zanita said...

How good does it feel to get your tax done? I always wait until the very last minute, so stupid.
I love Incu too! They have so much sale stock at the moment.
You can never go wrong with Yum cha!

Roxanne said...

Zanita: I know tax time is cool because you get more shopping money. I had to restrain myself from INCU yesterday.I tried on 10 items and was literally breaking into cold sweats thinking how I'm going to explain this to the boy. It feels like a fat kid who just ate a whole cake...umm i guess.

Roxanne said...

Thanks Voguette and London Chic.!