Friday, May 22, 2009

Basic Importance

I can't stress enough how important good basics are to any wardrobe, well to my wardrobe that is. I little birdie always told me if i invested in good quality pieces they will transcend time. This is definitely the case... I have lived in this outfit for about 2 years now...i know..i know...long... but wait! This simple outfit will get me everywhere, dress it up or dress it down. 

My boyfriend/partner never understood and (still doesn't) how  important it is to invest in dressing. Take for example:

Chanel bag... This i managed to acquire through an online estate auction from a lady who passed 3 years ago....(bless). I got it for fraction of the cost...because no one wanted to buy it because the lady died?! Who cares...just think of it this way....the bag has another life.

Jeans: I always believed a girl will always have a staple jean. Call it sentimental or downright corny...the heaven's opened up 6 years ago on my birthday and delivered me Paper Denim Cloth. I always wanted these jeans and back then they were fetching for 400AUD in David Jones...but lo and behold my mum found the only pair in my size for 50 bucks.... coincidence or fate ..... you decide. I have lived in these jeans until the crotch bore a hole! but since then, 6 pairs later it's still my fave jeans!

Cashmere Scarves: Cashmere is luxurious, feels like babies kissing you, soft, warm and comfy! I have over 20 or so in different colors. They can liven up any outfit.

Leopard print: When worn well, it brings an outfit to a whole new level. I once followed a gorgeous lady in a mall just to ask her where she got her Leopard print wedges from. She knew where i was coming's so hard to find the perfect pair. But i love them in ballet flats, wedges and flat sling backs.

Black cardies: Versatile, warm and can be thrown on with basically every outfit. Invest in quality pieces that is durable,comfortable and easily goes with your other wardrobe pieces.

So in conclusion, while boys invest in stocks, real estate, cars blah blah blah....say your wardrobe will get you over the global financial crisis....It's an Investment honey! Beso! 

Mood: Global Financial Crisis
Cardigan: Josh Goot for Target
Singlet: American apparel
Scarf: House of Cashmere
Jeans: Paper Denim Cloth
Shoes: L'Autre Chose
Bag: Chanel


Anonymous said...

here here sistah! basics are oh so important

Anonymous said...

love the bag.... shelly x