Friday, May 29, 2009

Into the Urban Jungle

Woke up quite late this morning and probably wasted half a day. But if you really think about it, sleeping isn't wasting time. It's a cheap way to rejuvenate the body sans the thai massage ( had one last night...relaxation!). So i got dress to do a few errands and potentially window shop (favorite past time) not before i show you what i did with my bargain items from the other day. Mixed with what i already have in my wardrobe (borrowed the boys army jacket) and ran out the door!

Mood: Ready to enter the urban jungle
Jacket: Boyfriend's 
Pants: Drop crotch, Dotti
Singlet: American Apparel
Scarf: Vintage
Bag: Fendi Spy
Shoes: Country Road espadrilles (you don't need summer to wear this)
Sunnies: op shop
Jewellery: Tiffany&co


Anonymous said...

Hey Voguette,

like what you did here. Style isn't about expensive things it's how you mix personality, old and new to create a new look.

fan of yours

lollipopex stacey

diamondsinchampagne said...

Great scarf and LOVE that bag!

Anonymous said...

Great way to put the pieces together! love IT!

Fashion4U said...

Just like to say, there was a feature on Grazia about boyfriend jackets. your rocking it rox