Monday, May 04, 2009

The weekend that was....


Good morning sunshine! No that's not how i feel this morning...exact opposite really. I just thought if i used reverse psychology my brain would be tricked into having a pleasant morning sans the it working?mmm think not. I woke up this morning thinking i was going to work and in fact i did. Showered, dressed and went to work...only to find  out NO....your not working today .....ha! press rewind and go back home. I went to work on the wrong day DOH! (homer moment).

Anyway i thought i'd give everybody something to smile about and share my food safari this weekend of food, fun...lots of fun and finishing my "operation decorate my home". The weekend was spent eating lots of fact i have to thank my lucky stars that Sydney has really nice cafe's and restaurants to eat of my favourite haunts is this quaint cafe in Leichhardt Mezzapica, I order exactly the same thing everytime. Linguine Pasta Gamberi with prawns is so so delicious and to top it off's only $12...good huh? yeah . So if your ever in this part of town, you should definitely check it out. Their coffee isn't bad either.

Pasta Gamberi @Mezzapica, Leichhardt

So about this decorating project, I've been trying to find some really good bookcases that would look simple, clean and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. No..i really didn't just want a box positioned against the wall....i wanted a bookcase that looked expensive and copying the ones from those exxy magazines without the price tag...Ha! Fat chance i first thought....most of the designer pieces are fetching for two grand at least! Well I'd rather spend that on a new bag or even a new camera so i can take better off we went to the Home Centre in Moore Park. We managed to find a ladder shelf bookcase from Oz design, it looked good, it was white ( i love white) plus it was down from $150 to $129...BARGAIN we thought! So we took it home and assembled it as soon as you can spell A-S-S-E-MBLE! The bad thing about it was....while we were putting out books,textbooks and had toppled over and broke in two...the up side was we managed to get another one after pleading our case that it wasn't our fault it had toppled over! (well it wasn't) here's something i prepared earlier.... the finish product....Voila!

                                                                          well...i like it.

So we celebrated our one year anniv with my boy this weekend, and pleasantly surprised he hasn't forgotten hahaha. To top it off he gave me a lovely present which i never thought he'd remember but i do love love it. I have been a fan of vintage posters for a couple for years now, it was exacerbated by our recent trip to Melbourne when i visited Vinatgepostersonly in Armadale and cooed and aahhed at all the awesome posters on offer....I welcome with delight Bally Blonde by Villemot as our new family member ...he he he. 


Until next time Beso!

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I'm really enjoying your post lately, one because it's not all about fashion and two because you write well.