Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trick up my Sleeves...

Autumn Winter long sleeved dresses from Balenciaga, Thakoon, Karen Walker and Christian Lacroix are giving me goosebumps! Not only are they so so beautiful and scrumptious in cut and detail, the splashes of impressionism, marble effects, flowers and geometric patterns are simply to die! It reminds me of this Vintage japanese silk dress i bought for a few dollars (the shop keeper practically gave it to me) at Broadway Betty in Broadway. At the time fellow shoppers were laughing at me for trying what may be called a "Dorky"sack. But i knew better to see the "potential" in every piece. It was beautifully lined, mint condition, structured shoulders, vibrant colour...What's not to like! All i had to do was make it shorter and sew the seams...and very own sleeved winter dress. I love it! Beso

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Anonymous said...

Oh beautiful dress. Not dorky at all.