Monday, May 11, 2009

Cherry Blossoms are enchanting

Happy Mother's day! The weekend has been pretty low key, i was busy working saturday that i feel like i didn't get a break at all...I've been just staying indoors cooking and doing alot of house chores ( i know, i know...boring). Anyway I've just came home from dinner with my family and hanging out at the local pub...Earlier on in the day I went for a drive in Balmain, checking out all the boutiques. I've recently discovered Mushu in Darling St , and scored this beautiful Marnie Skillings dress from SSO8 . It reminds me of cherry blossoms and how spring can be so wonderful especially when Sydney weather has been on the chilly side. I'm in love with this dress, how it's so soft and delicate and powerful at the same time with it's hanging collar.... I de-girlified with a waiters jacket, paired with ribbon pumps...ahhh!

Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend..Beso!

Dress: Marnie Skillings
Jacket: Barkins
Headband: Evita Peroni
Shoes: Steve Madden
Ring: Vintage

381 Darling St, Balmain
Australia- NSW 2041
02 98104617


Ivan McK said...

WOW! Lovin' the blossoms... sort of reminds me of a vintage 40's World Ward II-era vibe. Especially with the headband and those pumps (which are stellar, btw). Keep doin' it in Sydney!!!

+Ivan McK

Roxanne said...

Thanks so much Ivan Mck, that's lovely of you to say. I can see where your getting the 40's vibe from....i sooo get that. Beso!


Geri Wu said...

beautiful photos!

xx, Geri

E said...

I love cherry blossoms and I'm so glad you posted this dress! i've never heard of this designer before!

Anika said...

Florals; any time is a good time for them :)

Love that dress...what a piece of art. And with the blazer it equals perfection

Roxanne said...

Thanks for your sweet words. Marni skillings is an australian designer...makes really lovely pieces...Aren't florals just so fantastic. Beso!



Anonymous said...

Roxy this look rocks!