Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm currently on autopilot. Yes Autopilot. Since i got back from Canberra, I've been feeling under the weather (No, i don't have swine flu). I've been back at work learning how to deliver babies, reading magazines and making jewellery. Not at the same time though, that would be awesome but i'm not superwoman. What's awesome though is 'True Blood' I'm officially hooked on 'True Blood". Ant gave me the first two seasons and i've been hooked to my laptop since (under the covers though, I'm terrified of monsters, vampires and gore).

P.S I cut my hair and I'm loving how light it feels on my head. BIG SHOUT-OUT to SnapShot Fashion for featuring me in their looks YAY!!

Mood: Not so Reindeer but happy
Top : Zimmerman floral
Cardigan: Country Road cashmere and merino wool
Jeans: Bettina Liano
Bag: (New!) Mimco Viking Pouch! i love it
Shoes: Country Road
Necklace: DIY

This is what i wore to the Reindeer Monologue, i was even Christmas inspired in red.

This is the chanel inspired necklace i made. i love it so much!


SydneyGal said...

i love it! So happy colors


Roxanne said...

Thanks SydneyGal.

Anonymous said...

Nice Hair Roxy. I do love those shoes by the way. I have the same pair.


annoiii said...

I like your haircut - the fringe really suits you!

Roxanne said...

Thanks annoii, kind of you to say