Sunday, June 21, 2009

Goats, carrots and Roos

Nothing like nature, animals and crisp winter air to lift our spirits.

I know this post may have nothing to do with fashion but i thought i 'd give everybody a break, plus this is my blog and i can pretty much post whatever i like ha! Nah...just joking. I thought it would be nice to show aussie countryside since a majority of the people reading my blog are from overseas.

The weekend was spent on a rocky road trip to Canberra for beautiful Emma's engagement party! On our way back Ant decided to pay visit to his Aunts farm filled with organic vegetables, twin baby goats, roosters, hens and ducks! How exciting! I felt like a kid in a playground. They even had natural compost, an environmentally friendly water tank, rain water irrigation, berries, kangaroos and i met a very charming cat by the name of Felix.

Mood: Confort Factor
Tights: Woolford
Singlet: Country Road
Cashmere pullover: Country Road
Wooly Knit: Hand made Angora

Breathtaking views

Me and my carrots!

Fresh Duck eggs

With Annabel the Goat

She keeps chewing on my scarf!

Kangaroos hanging out

Chickens laying eggs

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