Thursday, June 04, 2009


Do you sometimes feel like someone's watching your every move, paranoia? Maybe. It was errand day today, window shopping, checking out op shops, staying indoors soo cold now. Bought a few things today, mid year season sales are on at the moment. trying really hard to resist but clothes speak to me ...oh dear... I can't wait for the weekend, still in search for a doona, boy has been sick, so i play nurse, but in the meantime i ran outside to quickly take these photos. 

Mood: Messy just woke up, no make up look
Jeans: Boyfriend's Levis i stole
Jacket: Esprit leather
Singlet: American apparel
Shoes: ballet flats country road

It's raining and I'm still waiting, waiting for an answer
waiting for a sign.
It's raining and I'm standing in front of your door, waiting for an answer
waiting for a sign.
It's raining and I'm patiently wandering, wandering when you'll open the door.
Just give me a sign.



Joy B said...

great pic, your gorgeous! love you blog too!

Joy S

Anonymous said...

Hey Roxy,

You are stunning. i love your jacket.

see you at work.