Saturday, June 06, 2009

The morning after

What do you feel the morning after a date, a dalliance, a romantic rendezvous? It could end badly or it could end beautifully. A sweet embrace, an offer for a next date, a kiss, his number, her number. The after effects is quite bliss, a youthful glow, a promising morning, a spring in your step. It could all be cliche...or not. It depends if you believe in that sort of thing really.... So how was your friday night? Mine was great thank you. The sun is out,a little chill but sunny nonetheless...the birds are calling me. By the way green isn't a colour that i'd choose normally. But i found this scarf at my favourite vintage store and surely $2 can be spared. 

Mood: Casual chic, good for a morning dalliance ( i love that word)
Dress: Staple
Scarf: Vintage
Stockings: Leona Edmiston Pins

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