Friday, June 12, 2009

September in June

Cold , frustrating and people feel so entitled just to watch a movie....and no I'm not talking about Anna Wintour.....

Ant and I went to see the 'September Issue' last night, the documentary about Vogue Editor Anna Wintour and the makings of the 2007  september issue of american vogue. The movie was to start at 915 pm but lo and behold when it comes to fashion...some one has to make an entrance and the movie fashionably late. We came reasonably early, having scoured through David Jones and Myer looking for our "Dream Doona" ( We did find it mind you). We were in the middle of our dinner in Wagamama when i pointed out to my boyfriend that i bet that the majority of these girls in the restaurant was going to watch the same movie as we were. Obviously he's response was " What!..nah, it's just Fashion Babe. What's the big deal?". But i knew better to bet against girls who were looking more stylish than your average Jane walking down George St. If i were to pick a night where i spotted 15 Chanel 2.55, YSL cage boots, Balenciaga, 5 Alexander Wang bags, fur coats, alot of leggings, Men in the tightest jeans and the greasiest hair slicks i have ever witnessed it would either be fashion week or i gave myself a small smile and nodded.

By the time we approached the State Theatre at 8:30 there was a small line up of 6 middle age men and their wives. Having bought dress circle tickets we didn't think it was a big deal to line up for a movie and succumbed to our whims of eating mars pods (yummmy) and so headed towards the nearest 7eleven. By the time we  came back the line up was still the same but as soon as Ant joined the cue, by some magical intervention a wave of people joined the cue creating chaos and havoc.......then came the Special line with B grade celebrities to boot. Mind you i was pretty excited to see Dion Lee lining up like a normal person, Ruby Rose in cool boots with gold studs and Karin Upton Baker in a fabulous fur coat, Romance was Born designers, magazine editors and whole heap of "I'm famous don't you know me" people being turned down. Ant and I thought this was the real show and was happily entertained by the antics of 'B' grade Aussie celebrities.

Kate Waterhouse on the red carpet

Miranda Otto, Ruby Rose and some dude that looked ridiculously uncomfortable


The September issue is known to be the biggest most important issue of the year for Vogue magazine. It's compared to a telephone book filled with editorials, fashion, advertising and don't forget the drama! The documentary is a showcase of the process in making this famous issue and the behind the scenes action of making the "the Bible" of the fashion world. With this journey we get to know characters such as Anna Wintour (Editor in Chief), Grace Coddington (Creative Director), Andre Leon Talley (Editor at Large) and whole heap of notable designers, photographers, Anna's daughter Bea and models in action.

I personally love this documentary by R.J Cutler, it was well thought out, fluid and raw! Grace Coddington was delightful to watch and I felt drawn to her as a person. From her beginnings as a model to her rise as a Creative Director in Vogue. Her wild fiery hair, no make up, funny, passionate persona is a sharp contrast to Wintours steely, cold, authoritative, and power woman blunt fringed figure.

It's definitely an eye opener to how much control Wintour has over the fashion world, over designers, retailers and the power to anoint new talent into the world of Fashion. I loved how Thakoon, a young up and coming designer with so much talent and humility was endorsed by Wintour. 

I always had this perceived idea how she was loosely portrayed in the devil wears Prada, but as you watch this doco Ant and I agreed she was like any boss who only expects perfection. She is definitely a woman who knows what she wants, in an industry wherein if you don't have the balls you wont survive. No one would question the likes of Donald Trump, Murdoch or even S.I Newhouse, why Anna? Because women are suppose to be nice??? If she gets things done and does it well...Who cares!

I adore Grace Coddington! She is vivacious, humorous, full with passion and super talented! She's a genius.

This doco is awesome! go watch it :)

My fifty cents worth..Beso!


Anonymous said...

You are so funny Roxyheart!!! I was there too.
Were you wearing a grey coat???

Roxanne said...

Oh thanks...i think. Yep i was wearing a grey coat!


Anonymous said...

Sounded like so much fun!!
I'm trying to find a screening in the berra but so far nothing!!
See ya in less than a week!
Sis xx

Roxanne said...

I'll see you soon sis


crimsonverbs said...

Awesome Article! So excited for this movie, its going to be brilliant!

Another article I found equally interesting that dives a bit deeper into Anas personal life can be found here:



Roxanne said...

Thanks for dropping by. Much appreciated :)