Sunday, June 07, 2009

Happy Sunday

My cute vintage lace top!

Sunday's are great for walking around and looking out for great bargains. I went to Rozelle markets today for the very first time , quite odd really considering i only live a couple of blocks away. Sun's out and for the first time in two months i decided to wear denim cut offs but soon realised it wasn't such a wise decision when a gust of wind swooped between my legs giving me goosebumps!(oopsies)

 It was awesome to see such cool things at the markets, the boy scored a coffee table book on NYC bridges and I mysteriously disappeared and found myself in a stall called " Sparrow goes to Market". The stall keeper happily  told me that everything was 10 bucks today including some really nice vintage lace tops! (my fave). So 25 dollars later ( i got a belt for 5) i was carrying this cute white paper bag filled with my goodies. Ant and I ate some yummy gozleme while we sat under a tree pondering on the efficacy of owning a gozleme business in Rozelle Markets (we were amazed at how such a simple product can generate 20 people line up.) The markets are filled with second hand bric a brac, vintage fashion and if your lucky some great second hand designer shoes, handbags and accessories. I was eyeing a dainty pair of leather gloves but had the feeling .. ( i wasn't really in love with it) so i let it go...that's the thing with markets. The stall keeper whispered as i walked away....."They always come back, when they get home they'll think about'll see" . mmmm.....

Sparrow goes to Market jewelry

Lovely coat

Treasures galore!
Rozelle Markets

Approximately 100 stalls each day, outdoors in the front grounds of historic Rozelle School. Near Victoria Road. Parking behind the Commonwealth Bank or on bus routes 440, 433, 445 and all the 500s. Five minutes from the city over the Anzac Bridge.

Rozelle Public School, Darling St
Rozelle, NSW 2039 
Sat-Sun 9:00am- 4:00pm 

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i love Rozelle Markets!